I am currently accepting
new students for beginning
and intermediate drum lessons.

Do you or someone you know want to learn to play the drums? Well, now is your chance to get private one-on-one instruction from an experienced teacher and drum educator. No matter your age or musical experience it is never too late to start playing the drums!

I specialize in beginning and intermediate drum lessons. Basic reading, notation, technique, and counting will be taught, as well as studies of different music styles and drumming beliefs.

Students will play in a one-on-one setting where parents of school- age students are welcome to sit in on lessons. I encourage those closest to the student to be supportive and help them achieve their drumming goals. Practice is a necessary part of my instruction program and imperative for growth, so please, be prepared to practice.

As the main instructor at Old Jersey Music Lab I like to offer incentives for school-age students who bring in solid grades on their most recent report cards. Students who are currently enrolled in lessons will be offered a free half-hour lesson for a B average, and a free one-hour lesson for an A average report card.

As a former elementary school teacher, I believe instrumental instruction can greatly increase a child's probability for success. Studying an instrument in a private instruction setting helps develop discipline and creative thought. It has been shown time and time again through statistics that children who study an instrument have greater chances for academic and personal successes and are less likely to get involved with illegal or illicit activities. I am also stressing school should be the number one priority for my school age students.

Credentials Include:

*Certified teacher with a B.S. degree in Education

*Over 25 years experience playing drums and percussion

*More than 15 years experience in private lesson instruction

*Varied background in many genres, styles, and playing situations

*Award winning player in solo and speed competitions

*Compassionate and understanding, yet demanding of students to reach their own potential