Here are some Testimonials



Thank you for bringing the simple beauty of music to STEPS Community Day School. My students definitely enjoyed themselves and cooperated in a way I have never seen my students cooperate in 11 years at STEPS. The magic of rhythm and the positive approach you take transport students (and staff!) to a level of unity and humanity that reminds me that we are all very much the same, students and staff, despite our ages, challenges, and passions. Our learning community has been enhanced immeasurably. I look forward to you coming back to our school soon.


Guy V.
Alternative Education Teacher
STEPS Community Day School, Riverside, CA



Thank you so much for your presentation to our students. The presentation really meant a lot to the kids who recognized what a unique opportunity your drum circle was for them. These kinds of experiences really stretch their boundaries and imaginations. I was pleasantly surprised to see how even the hard to reach students engaged in the drumming and had a good time. The kids were talking about the experience for several days. Your ability to get the kids to work together for a good cause was truly impressive. I hope that we can have you back again!

Thanks a million,

STEPS Program staff member, Riverside, CA


Chad Patrick,

Thank you for coming here at the learning center I appreciated that and thank you very much and I know that the other students also liked it! Well I liked all of the beats we were playing especially where you were playing the Djembe I really got into the beat. I was amazed at all of the instruments that you showed us. Well I really appreciated you coming and I hope soon that you can come and teach us more about the playing instruments.


Students in the 'S.T.E.P.' Alternative Education Program, Southern CA


Testimonial for Chad Patrick,

I liked the hour of session we did playing music. I thought it was great how we all shared a little of our own rhythm with each-other. And like you said, we all learn to shed a little bit of our ego. I think it's a great class to learn PEACE


Thanks Chad for coming here and just have fun this us it was really great especially when you played the solo that was good. I Bet that you are so good at the drums like better than what I saw. I hope that you could come next time and let us see what you got.

To Chad Patrick I like the drum thing you were doing today. It was fun to hear all the instruments. The best instrument was the one you were playing the big drum. I like the beat. You were good. But next time I hope it is longer next time.

Armando M.

Dear Chad Patrick,

I really liked and appreciated you coming to our school. It was really fun and I would love to do it again if you ever come back to the learning center. I think everyone thinks everything worked. My favorite drum was the Djembe

Briana A.

What I liked about Chad Patrick's visit was that it showed us ways to make music with other people. The drums were the best. It was very fun, how he uses things around the house to create music. Music makes a lot of people relax and it's a good thing that we have people that will bring that to schools.

Daniela A.

Dear Chad,

I really liked the Drum Circle. It was a really cool experience. I would like to do it again. I like to see you again at the learning center.

"Having seen Chad Patrick play in our drum-off 2003, what impressed me the most was how musical his solo was. It flowed from one idea to the next with solid groove. Moving from a very musical foundation to rocking out without going nuts and just banging around. Chad is an incredibly musical drummer. He accents the songs as opposed to covering them up with a lot of noise. Great drummer! Asset to any band!"

Jason Martin
Touring Drummer

"I was playing guitar and singing in your everyday average band. One night our drummer couldn't make it practice so Chad filled in. Well that night we learned the difference between average and kick-ass. We fired our drummer soon after 'cause after kicking ass, it sucked to be average again."

Bruce Mclaughlin
On-air Personality/Co-Program Director

"Chad Patrick is easily one of the most creative drummers I have ever played with."

Chris Thayer

"Chad seriously, I'm not blowing smoke. Unless I'm a bit naive, there are not a whole lot of really versatile drummers in the area. I was telling Lisa how good I thought you were, and she agreed. I told her, "You know what it is, a lot of drummers can play drums, but only a few can play music on the drums. You play them like they are a musical instrument, and I don't see that too often unless I am at a killer jazz gig or something."

Darin Ferreira

"I have never worked with another drummer that was as pleasant and easy to work with as Chad. Chad is very professional, has a level of etiquette and good business sense."

Patrick McKeone

I have known Chad Patrick for the last year and a half. In that time, I have sat in on my son's weekly drum lessons and have seen the passion that Chad has for music as well as his amazing ability to connect with his students. My son has really progressed in his drum skills in this time and remains motivated even when things get hard.

Chad also led a drum circle activity for a two-day company meeting I was holding for a group of executives. Again Chad's passion for music and his desire to share that with others was evident. The attendees commented that the activity was by far the highlight of the meeting.

Mother of a drum student
Area Sales Manager for Sunrise Senior Living

Music and Chad Patrick's instructional methods have had a profound effect on our 15-year-old son. Steven has joined the high school marching band, dedicates countless hours to supporting the success of the band, and is now performing at sweepstakes levels. More importantly, his scholastic performance in all areas has improved to levels we previously thought unachievable. We now see internal motivation where there had been very little. We directly attribute our son's success not just to exposure to music but to Chad's deep understanding of music and his ability to transfer his profound appreciation of music to his students.

Chad has provided such a positive influence in his ability to use music to inspire, to create self-confidence, and an internal determination in our son to be successful. What I have written is from my heart Chad. Annie and I are eternally grateful that you have made such a profound influence on Steven. That's my "thanks" for Thanksgiving. We are happy to share our turkey with you.

Parent of Drum Student / Assistant Fire Chief, San Bernardino County, CA

To whom it may concern: Hello. My name is Sara and I am a 5th grade teacher for the San Bernardino Unified School District. Last June I had the wonderful experience of introducing my students to a Drum Circle. Mr. Chad Patrick was our amazing leader, who not only had the knowledge of drum circles, but also the ability to play other instruments, which he brought along and shared with the students.

This experience was so special, as we do not offer a music class to our students and for most; this was their first experience with a structured music class and instrumentation. Mr. Patrick was also able to manage my group of 36 students with confidence, as he himself worked as a classroom teacher for numerous years. Mr. Patrick was extremely professional and well liked by the students, which can be challenging, especially in the inner-city school environment.

The drum circle experience was a major bonding activity for these students, as it showed how important each student was for the circle. The students loved the opportunity, as did I. I could not believe the vast amount of instruments Mr. Patrick brought with him and supplied to the students for use in this drum circle...even with 36 students, all had an "instrument" of some sort to participate with. Also, Mr. Patrick had overheads and other learning tools, which he used as he spent a great amount of time "teaching" the concepts before actually applying them.

If given the opportunity again, I would introduce drum circles to all of my classes each year, not only for the music aspect, but for the team building that comes along with it as well.

5th grade teacher

Chad is an awesome teacher. He not only teaches me drums but life lessons too.

12-year-old Drum Student

Chad has a great rapport with his drum students. He explains the concepts so they are easy to understand. He interjects values and skills that are important for success in music and life.

Mary Ann and Bill
Parent of drum student and Elementary School Teacher

This is a letter in support of Chad Patrick in regards to both his teaching and character - We first met Chad approx. a year ago at Colton Music Store when our then 11-year-old son Jake was looking into playing the drums. Chad was very helpful in recommending the right type of equipment. He seemed very genuine and enthusiastic in making sure our son had both the right equipment as well as the proper learning materials.

There were several different types of drum sets at the music store and we knew right away that we could trust Chad when he didn't push us towards the upper end drum equipment that was very expensive. He asked questions and really listened to what Jake was looking for and what he wanted to accomplish as far as learning the drums. With the drum equipment and learning materials taken care of, we then asked Chad if he or anyone he knew taught private drum lessons. At that time, Chad informed us, that not only has he played the drums for the past 25 years, but that he also taught private drum lessons. Having already felt comfortable with his recommendation of the drum equipment and lesson books we decided to give Chad a try by signing up our son to take drum lessons with him.

At his first lesson Chad told us right away that we were welcome to stay and observe, which we did, so we could see exactly what would be happening on a weekly basis. In fact, he said we were welcome to stay at any drum lesson if we so choose. We as parents, really liked the fact that Chad was open and willing to allow us to stay and watch our son at any given time. Over the past year our son has grown immensely in his ability to play the drums and we are positive it is a direct correlation to both the way Chad teaches and his commitment to Jake.

Chad has also done a wonderful job in motivating our son to want to be the best drummer he can be by the fact that Jake not only likes to attend his drum lessons, but looks forward to going to them and is eager to practice at home. That to us is the true measure of how good a teacher Chad is, by the simple fact that our son wants to practice drums outside of his weekly lessons.

We feel as though any school or organization that has the chance or ability to hire Chad should consider themselves lucky to do so. When it comes to teaching, all teachers should have drive, determination, heart and compassion and we can say without a doubt that Chad has all four!

Lee and Monica
Parent of drum student

My name is Bob O'Toole and I am an Associate Professor of Business at Crafton Hills College. I have known Chad Patrick for several years as my drum instructor. During this period of time, I have learned several things about Chad.

First, he is very passionate about music and playing the drums. He is a very talented and accomplished musician and desires anyone who wishes to play the drums to have the same passion and skills he possesses.

Secondly, Chad is a teacher. He has a love and commitment toward his students. He truly cares about the progress of his students and has a commitment to ensure they receive the best possible instruction. He has a patient approach to learning, endeavoring to take even the most complex tasks and relating them to the needs and skills of his students.

Thirdly, Chad is an innovator. He is constantly seeking new approaches; new ways to improve drum performance and student learning.

I have been privileged to have been his student; but even more so, I have been touched by his passion and his commitment to his students and to the process of learning.

Bob O'Toole
Business Professor / Drum Student / Friend

Chad is a teacher by nature. Being a band mate of his, I have learned many great lessons in music and in life.

Matt McKnight
Singer / Songwriter / Multi-instrumentalist / Friend

"Chad Patrick-the pinch man." Chad's always been there for me in a pinch. Whether it's been for music or just to be a good friend. He picks you up when you're feeling down, or lends you good sound advice when you are troubled. Chad's wise words & wise choice of beats / accents are always welcome in my domain.

Two words to describe Chad Patrick: Finesse and Optimism. What Chad can do on the fly is amazing, without even knowing the song. Chad's ability to adlib is profound; it seems impossible to catch him off guard. Any time signature, any groove, any time change, or beat change, he's there.

Chad's positive outlook on life & bright smile is enough to lighten up anyone's day. I'm very proud to have Chad as my friend! I am always pleased to have Chad grace my music with his finesse. Whether it's musical support or a fond friendship, Chad is there. I have never worked with another drummer that was as pleasant and easy to work with as Chad. Chad is very professional, has a level of etiquette and good business sense.

Patrick McKeone
Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist / Friend
Well Spent/Podgiegaloop/Unified
Riverland Project Member

I enjoyed working with Chad. He has a good ear for listening to the vibe/direction of a song and lending to it. He's not afraid to add his style or ideas, but is sure that his part meshes with song as a whole. I liked that he came into the studio ready to go. He had his part for my songs all worked out.

Chad was completely open to any changes, but I liked what he did so much we decided to go with that. I knew he really "got" the song and I'm really happy with how the song is coming together now.

Lara Landon

As a drummer and one who was honored to be a competition judge, I would say that he is well rounded and doesn't limit himself to one genre or style. Always incorporates different techniques, which drives the music home cause that's what it's about. If you can touch a person and communicate to them it makes them feel what you are saying.

Chris Wood
Drummer / Drum-Off Judge 2001-2004 / Friend

Chad Patrick is an intuitive and innovative drummer whose sound lives within that pocket that good drummers strive for. His rhythm has been the backbone of my live music for a while now, and quite frankly, I feel he enhances the power of said music so much that I feel lost without his unique and varied sound.

Allison Sattinger
Singer/Songwriter/Pianist/Guitarist/Artist / Friend

This is Maria from Low-Fi studios and I'm giving a little message out here for Chad Patrick. He's a drummer that has coming to my studio for the past year. He's had an opportunity to work with a lot of local musicians in the Redlands and Riverside area. He's also had the opportunity to do some sessions with John Hickman from Cracker. Got a lot of good feedback from his sessions with Johnny there and I highly recommend him as a drummer. Good, listens, understands song structure and should be doing a lot more gigs than what he's doing.

Maria Baglien
Lo-Fi Studios, Loma Linda, CA

Chad Patrick, the man, the myth, the legend! I had heard of Chad around the community, and the buzz was unbelievable in regards to his percussive ability. Then my band ended up opening for a band that Chad was drumming in, and I was very excited to hear him play; and play he did! All of the buzz was accurate, this guy could definitely play with the best of them. So when the opportunity came for my band to open up for a highly respected Jazz/Blues legend, I knew I needed Chad to be the man driving this musical force.

Let me tell you, the first time the band rehearsed together, it was like magic. We jammed on blues and funk, and really lost track of time! It was great to finally play with a drummer who was on the same page with tempo, groove, and feel. Chad has a unique style of "in the pocket" drumming with forceful and tasteful fills that keeps the particular songs interesting. Chad is the type of drummer where a guitarist and singer can forget to worry about tempo fluctuations and actually focus on the overall quality of the song.

You never worry about tempo changes or mishaps with Chad. Here are some reasons why Chad is a great drummer: 1.) He is a creative person; always thinking of inventions and innovative ways to perfect music. 2.) He is a singer/songwriter; Chad understands when to shift volume for verses and builds on the chorus, he is pretty much what every band is in search of; A drummer who listens to the song, and understands when things need to be laid back or when things need to be built up. 3.) Chad is a natural drum machine; we rehearsed four times for our big show and he was flawless.

I actually don't want to tell everyone this because I seriously want to keep Chad for myself. That is how good he is. He is like the perfect girlfriend you don't want anyone else to know about because you think she'll find somebody better! Hahahaha that's pretty funny.

Neil Morrison: Singer / Guitarist / Songwriter / Friend
Anderson Hall /

"Dude, you bring such a cool groove to the table! I really appreciate your time and artistry. Thank you so much!"

Sean Johnson
Multi Instrumentalist / Educator / Friend

Well I've met and have jammed with a lot of drummers and it seems that a lot of drummers are named Chad. But I have also noticed that most of the ones named Chad are really talented. I met Chad Patrick for the first time in Redlands, Ca. I didn't think anything of it at first but after hearing him play I could tell right away that he wasn't there to mess around, he meant business.

What really caught my ears were the rhythms he was playing and the ability to adapt to other artist while maintaining calmness. But then I was blown away a few weeks later when I walked into a local Redlands venue and heard what I heard next. Chad Patrick ripping mad beats just off a propane tank, I couldn't believe the sounds he was pulling out of that tank, I couldn't move and didn't until he was done, it was classic.

Chad Patrick has left an impression on me that will last a life time. To me Chad seems like a very driven individual with his head on straight and his creativity over flowing out the top. I'm really looking forward to jamming with Chad in the future.

Jacob Calderone
Singer / Songwriter / Friend

Let's see... Chad, Chad, Chad! Percussionist Extraordinaire! Well, he's a great drummer and an overall awesome musician. Not only have I had the pleasure of performing with him but I've seen his talents as a singer/songwriter and guitarist as well. Even more so he is just one of the coolest and down to earth cats around!

Chad is a very enterprising and hardworking guy and he puts a lot of effort, creativity and heart into everything he does. He's a funny and entertaining cat, and he's a good friend. Chad is always willing to lend an ear and best of all, he always has an empty couch for us overworked musicians to crash on!

Joe Perez
Drummer / Vocals - Hobo Jazz, Big Sandy / Friend

It's always been more than a pleasure playing with Chad. This man makes you feel more comfortable than being at the breakfast table at Grandma's house for Sunday morning breakfast. See, music is not just music with Chad. It's a conversation in a language he speaks fluently.

My first conversation with him had me convinced that he was chosen to be a translator. I mean, this man has the capability of picking up any object that can produce a sound, and find a way to create music. How you may ask? Your guess is as good as mine.

It has been an honor to share a stage with a person who can take a set of chop sticks, and roll better than any sushi bar I've ever been too. Now that's talent. I look forward to what the future holds.

Thomas G.
MC / Lyricist - Fertile Soil / Friend

Chad Patrick is a high-energy, groove-laden, technical drummer. His song writing is catchy, melodic and suits his voice wonderfully. Best of all, he's a blast to play with; he holds down his end of things, listens well and improvises with the best. Off stage, Chad is a great promoter and is a go-to guy when things need to get done. Always a pleasure to work with Chad.

Jeff Wilson
Audio Tech / Photographer / Musician / Friend

Chad Patrick is one of the illest drummers this world has seen. He has a unique ablity to blend his sound with whatever I lay in front of him at the same time stand out. This cat has so much rhythm you'd swear he was brotha.

Justin Gaya
MC / Lyricist - The People Soul Movement / Fertile Soil / Multi Instrumentalist / Friend

This guy can play it all, from his tight precise rhythms to swinging with enough bounce to follow us Hobos around the train yard. If you need a drummer to take the place of a 3 man rhythm section, call for Chad.

Marquis 'Hobo' Howell
Vocalist / Bassist / Hobo Jazz / Entrepreneur / Friend

What can be said about Chad: (that guy sucks :) no... for real, besides bein' a well rounded diverse drummer, I would have to say that anytime that I've played with Chad I've never had to worry about the beat. Music is rhythm and Chad's definitely got it.

Matt Coleman
Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist - Hobo Jazz / Kimberly Jenkins / Riverland Project Guest / Friend

Chad's approach to the drums is highly original and yet deferent to the greats. Well rounded, he can be brutal on them or subtle. Fast or slow, it is always an engaging listen. He is a talented balladeer as well and can draw the listener into familiar emotional territory.

Tim Reiley
Actor / Multi-Instrumentalist / Friend

Chad Patrick is one of the most respected Musicians in the Inland Empire. Anyone who is really in the Circle knows Chad. First having met and seeing him play the hard rock, alternative metal scene with HandleHead I was floored. I don't recall seeing a better percussionist live.

As the years have passed, I have come to know him as a teacher and a friend. Mr. Patrick is a library of information, it feels good to know he's just a phone call away. Need a drummer for any gig? Sound Tech? Hook ups for Gigs? Need help writing? Maybe even a guitarist if you were in a jam, vocals, networking,

Chad does it all. He is one of a few real professional industry people that I could count on in any situation if he was not already booked."

Gabriel Parker
Singer / Songwriter- The Inner Circle / Producer / Friend