Here is a collection
of photos from projects
I have been involved in
over the years.

Scroll through images and Click To see large images.

Doing the duet thing with Patrick McKeone at The Blackwatch Pub in Upland.

Another night at Goodfellas.

Playing some jazz.

Live with Chris Thayer and his blues project at Redlands Market night.

Letting the judge scope out the situation before I start WFD finals NAMM 2005.

Playing around with lyrics with The Shaggs.

Cool angle shot. Thanks Nico!

Backin it up.

The Fellas get their groove on.

The B.O.E. holding it down.

Handlehead jamming at Muscle Mike's.

Feeling the burn!

Qualifying for the NAMM 2005 WFD finals.

This looks like a pearl ad or something. Playing in the dark with rope lights is cool.

Adam, and The Bored of Education Live!

It's my new Brittney mic! Ok, Garth Brooks.

Nico's favorite shot.

NCAA women's national volleyball championships.

Playing Muscle Mike's.

Surprise! It's Handlehead live at Muscle Mike's.

A chance to play with some great African hand drummers in New York City.

Jammin in Leon and Lisa's backyard.

Everett, Safwan and myself at El Cid on Sunset Blvd.

Goodfellas in Rancho Cucamonga.

With special guests Fertile Soil.